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Who We Are

Dr. Lettieri received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees from The City
College of New York and his Ph.D. from the University of Southern California. He is also a
graduate of the Los Angeles Psychoanalytic Society and Institute (currently renamed New Center
for Psychoanalysis) where he received his certificate in psychoanalysis. He is also a trained

Dr. Lettieri is a licensed clinical and forensic psychologist with a private and forensic practice
in Orange County, California. He is a member of the Expert Witness Panels of Orange County
and San Bernardino County Superior Courts. Whether privately retained of appointed by the
court, he is frequently called upon to assess individuals for a number of reasons, including
competency to stand trial and insanity, and to evaluate individuals accused of sex crimes and
violent offenses. He also conducts neuropsychological, civil and forensic evaluations. In addition
to his practice, Dr. Lettieri teaches at the New Center for Psychoanalysis and is training and
supervising analyst at the Newport Psychoanalytic Institute. Dr. Lettieri has written and lectured
on a variety of topics including psychological assessment issues, including the identification of
violence potential, the roots of self-defeating behavior and of cruelty, the formation of self-
deception, substance abuse in the workplace, learning problems and also on the financial
mechanisms involved in the delivery of healthcare.

Dr. Lettieri is a member of the American Psychological Association, the California Psychological
Association, the Association for the treatment of Sexual Abusers and the New York Academy of
Sciences. He is a member of the Division of Psychoanalysis and of the Ethnicity & Peace Working
Group of the American Psychological Association.

Dr. Bill Lafitte has been in private practice as a clinical psychologist since 1983. He has served as a research consultant and evaluator to mental health organizations, educational agencies, behavioral and organizational corporations, and television studios since 1985.

Dr. Lafitte has held adjunct and visiting faculty instructor positions at four different universities, teaching courses including research design, statistics, intelligence testing, psychopathology, and quantitative methods. He has delivered over two dozen presentations focusing on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and therapy with children to parent and professional groups across the state of California.